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About Us

NS Precision Metal Manufacturing and Engineering Company was founded in 1973. In 2009, NS Industries became the managing company. In 2011, NS Industries along with Nautical Structures Industries, Inc., moved to a new 94,000 square-foot facility. Throughout our long, successful history, we have exhibited the capability and expertise to work with steel, stainless steel, and aluminum for clients in marine and land-based industries as well as in the creative arena. We provide assistance from design and engineering services through cutting, forming, machining, welding and finishing to final assembly and testing.

Design, Fabrication, Manufacturing, and Assembly Capabilities

Design and engineering

Our staff has extensive experience in addressing the most complex of metal fabrication challenges.


We have both laser and water jet cutting capabilities. Our laser can handle metal sheets up to 70” X 160” and up to 1/2" thick. Our water jet can handle metal sheets up to 8’ X 20’ and up to 4” thick. In addition, we have band saws and shears.

Forming, machining, and welding

We have numerous CNC and manually controlled punch presses, press breaks, plate rolls, vertical mills, lathes, and line bore machines to provide close tolerance forming and machining of complex shapes of varying sizes.

We have 20 welding stations and the ability to provide welder certifications to meet any customer requirements.


We have tumblers, bead blasters, and time savers to provide any finish required.

In addition, we have powder coating, passivating, electro polishing, and galvanizing capabilities readily available through our partners.

Final assembly and testing

In addition to component production, we can assemble partial or complete products ready for installation or end use.